• Agatha


    Garden Journalist and lover of knitting. The goings-on of a small south-facing wannabe cottage garden in USDA zone 7B

  • Alexandra Cohen

    Alexandra Cohen

    Driven by leadership and growth. Lover of Israel, innovation and world cultures.

  • aB Skl

    aB Skl

  • Noa Tal Taubman

    Noa Tal Taubman

  • Hadas Harush

    Hadas Harush

    Product Manager Data Science in Product Personalization team at Booking.com. Passionate for tech and travel and excited to create products which involve both.

  • Shivangi


  • Sharjeel Anees

    Sharjeel Anees

    Content Writing | Copywriting | Civil Engineering : Aspire To Inspire Before We Expire!

  • Krishanu Singh

    Krishanu Singh

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